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Coffee Su Sabor By Oma Special Selection

Coffee Oma Selection of Arabica coffee from select grains carefully planted and harvested in the coffee farms of our country. Net Weight: 340g Units per box: 10

Red Eagle Coffee 250g

Red Eagle Coffee with its roasted aroma and ground texture. Coffee born in Colombia, which provides the best quality since 1939. Net Weight: 500g Units per box: 12

Red Eagle Coffee 500g

The 500g Red Eagle Coffee has an intense flavor of roasted and ground beans. It can be taken hot or cold and mixed with water or milk of your choice. Net Weight: 500g Units per box: 12

Traditional Coffee

A 100% Arabica coffee; strong, aromatic, intense, toasty, low acidity and medium body. It is the ideal coffee to start the day. Specially processed for people who like a strong coffee, with an intense flavor and aroma. Carefully selected and roasted, with low acidity and medium body, packed in Colombia. Net Weight: 425g Units per box: 10

Your Flavor By Oma Premium Ground Coffee

Coffee Oma Premium a delicious balanced flavor of medium intensity and aroma of panela. The ideal coffee for lovers of the flavors of our land. Net Weight: 340g Units per box: 10