Our Company Mision

Expo Jeg LLC offers Latin products, especially preserves, with the highest quality standards, at very competitive prices. We are highly committed to the conservation and preservation of natural resources, which is why we use technologies that allow us to increase efficiency in harmony with the environment. , we have a work team which is fully trained to meet the needs of our customers and consumers.

Vision of the Company

Expo Jeg for the year 2025 seeks to position itself as the best company in development and innovation of Latin products in the United States market with products of the best quality for the American market, competing with large wholesalers with high technological innovation, continuous improvement in processes and good manufacturing practices, as well as strengthening high quality standards and promoting social and environmental responsibility and the development of our work team.

Our Values

  • RESPONSIBILITY: The company offers responsible work and management, reliability and integrity to our clients as well as to our work group.
  • MOTIVATION: we encourage our group of workers to give the best of themselves, in such a way that it favors both the interests of the organization and their own.
  • COMMITMENT: We are committed to our customers to deliver a product of excellent quality with the support of a group of qualified workers.
  • COOPERATION: We participate and collaborate enthusiastically in each of the processes; we seek with our individual and collective work the synergy of the team to achieve the best results.
  • INNOVATION IN PROCESSES: in order to bring our consumers a product of excellent quality, we are constantly improving and obtaining FDA certifications in compliance with North American regulations and so that all these improvements lead us to generate an optimization in our production plant.